Sunday, July 03, 2011

8 is Enough (for now)

I could talk about how long its been since I last posted (disgraceful!) but I'd rather talk about my firstborn. It's been a big month for him ... he just turned 8, had a fun birthday party and - most importantly - decided to be baptized. Yesterday was the big day.

I now know why mothers rarely take part in the program at these events. Between asking everyone to participate, coordinating the logistics, getting K1 a suit and pictures done and sending out announcements and creating the program, setting up the room and preparing for the lunch afterward I was grateful I didn't have to speak as well. Luckily we had plenty of family to fill those roles.

I was so touched by everyone that came for his baptism - to support K1 in this big step and to support us. We have a very small family in LDS terms, but we are richly blessed with wonderful friendships. It was such a comfort to me to see a full room and know that people went out of their way to celebrate such an important day with us.

I was impressed by how focused K1 was. Typically he's the can't-sit-still, loves-to-be-silly, life-of-the-party type who we are constantly trying to get to settle down and focus. Today he seemed to do that all on his own.

Of course memory being what it is, I don't remember much of what was said. I do remember one part of B's blessing - he said K1 was the type to always find the joy in everything, and that talent would serve him well as he fellowshipped with others and when he serves a mission. I loved that, mostly because its one of my favorite things about K1. He just wants to be happy.

So now that my baby has made such a big, important first step in his own unique and personal relationship with his Heavenly Father I can't help but be both excited and nervous on his behalf. Excited because his future is so bright and I know it will be filled with so many amazing experiences and spiritually enlightening moments. And I'm nervous because his future is filled with twists and turns and sometimes bad things will happen, or sad things or scary things and he'll have to rely on his faith and sometimes that might be all he has to get him through. It's hard when you're reminded that you can't just take their hands and do everything for them.

So for today I will try my best not to stew about all those things that are out of my control, and instead just focus on the beauty and the joy of the moment. I'm proud of K1 and his important choice. I am honored to be his mother and that my own Heavenly Father entrusted me with such an important and joyous job. And I am reminded of my own baptismal covenants and the job I have to strive to live my life in such a way that will demonstrate to K1 how vital faith is to navigating our futures.

I love you handsome. All my heart.


Sarah said...

B also blessed him to have the strong faith and testimony his mother has. It's one of the things I admire most about you. If K1 has a tenth of yours, it will serve him, his family, and everyone around him well.

Nataluscious said...

Ah Sarah - that comment means so much to me. Particularly since so much of what I admire about you is for the exact same reasons! Thanks for being a good example to ME. It was so fabulous to see you - made me want to meet up for food and lots of talking...

Margo said...

What a happy day for you Natalee. I want to meet up with you two for food and talking. I miss you guys.