Monday, September 27, 2010


If I had a wish for the world, it would be that everyone had a group of THESE WOMEN to hold on to.

THESE WOMEN are reflections of the best parts about me.

THESE WOMEN exhibit all that I am striving to be.

THESE WOMEN are relevant, smart, interesting, beyond beautiful and can't-catch-your-breath hilarious.

THESE WOMEN are kind, accepting and honest.

THESE WOMEN are spiritual giants among men.

THESE WOMEN have created success in family, in work, in friendships, in personal growth, in life.

THESE WOMEN have created a bond that won't ever fade.

THESE WOMEN have only improved over the last 16 years.

Maybe it's silly to keep blogging about these trips and saying practically the same thing, but where would my life be without THESE WOMEN?


Sarah said...

I'm giddy to be part of THESE WOMEN with you. And you better keep blogging about these trips. Just like we'll keep telling stories of Beda's bladder (un)control.

Also - no pictures please. Especially bathrobe pictures with questionable underthings.

Life would not be nearly as fantastic without you.

Tennille said...

Nope, not silly. Just awesome. All of it--and all of us. Awesome. Love you!!

Anne said...

lovely. i feel the same way.