Thursday, September 09, 2010


So while I was on vacation (more on that to come!) the Young Women in my ward had an activity where they etched plates that represented women of each of the YW values (Woman of Faith, Woman of Good Works, Woman of Integrity, etc). After etching the plates they next chose a woman from our ward that represented each of those values to them. At the following week's activity, they each made a treat to fill the plates, and delivered them to each of the women.

I was so touched that they chose me as one of the women - the one for Virtue. They said that I was a good example to them because I can be modern and stylish, yet still retain my virtue.

I have the privilege of serving as Young Women's president to these dear, sweet girls who have taught me so much, and whom I have grown to love as though they were my own daughters. I feel a big responsibility to live up to the image they have of me and the ways in which they respect and admire me. I do not take it lightly.

For now though, I will enjoy my award. As a good friend who was given the title of Woman of Integrity said - it doesn't say anything about being humble! ;)


betty said...

What a good gift to receive from women who know God and know how to love. I believe they chose well. Betty

Anne said...

so cute! what a fun idea and well-deserved reward.

Lisa M. said...

Congrats Natalee! All I can say is that I wish I were there to share those treats with you. They look delicious!